RCA (line-level) connections are preferred, but this should be fine also. That’s what I personally would do. Thanks in advance. 300 Watts. Glad I stumbled upon this informative article. These speakers have a lot of solid base, even the 6.5” do. If you can’t, you may be able to add additional speakers. KICKER produces high-performance car audio, vehicle specific solutions, marine audio, home and personal audio, and power sports products since 1973. Find out how to bridge a car amp in this post. The good news is that you don’t have to worry too much about the details – it doesn’t matter for basic speaker use, and long as you understand the basic rules you’ll be fine! (i.e., “A + B”) These are connected on both the L,R A and B terminals if you’re using all 4. JL JX1000/1d powers a 12" Kicker L7 I’m not quite understanding exactly. As I mentioned, speakers work by moving a cone back and forth in order to produce sound. Note only configurations that provide sufficient power are listed. amp, using either 2 x female-to-male Y adapters right at the amp. Yes, mainly it’s ideal to have enough power to drive the subs – it’s when someone doesn’t have enough that it can be a big problem. I am currently building a system… actually been working on this project for quite some time now. Most models also have black-&-white-only Any advice is welcome. Sadly if you wire the Diamond subs in other ways they either will be too low of a load for the amp (1, 2 ohm) or can’t develop full power (wired as 2 8 ohm speakers). 2. Next I have RFprime1200.1d running 2 Diamond TM310D4. This is because of how the human ear works and the physics of sound, along with how speakers work and how much volume they can produce for a given amount of power. Hi there. Unfortunately my foster dog chewed the subwoofer speaker apart. I think you maybe be able to do so, but you’ll most likely have to add a high value resistor in series with the tweeters, but without some specs I can’t help much. any advice would be greatly appreciated…. Hi, I’m not 100% clear on what you meant in your comment. Since class D subwoofer amps are so small these days (and many can drive 1 or 2 ohm loads) you might consider using one of those in case you’re not happy driving the subs with the Phoenix Gold. – You can use TWO 4 ohm speakers, but only on channels A *or* B, not all 4. Basically, I need to know the product/model/specifically how and what you’re connect to…as much detail as you can share. I have a Monoprice 60w subwoofer box. You can find the contact info on my Contact page here. – I don’t know what your volume & power needs are, but if you aren’t going to be happy with the 80W x 2 with the NAD C368, then you could just go from the RCA outputs of it and then into the C272 for a lot more power if you like. Hi there Nick. I’m trying to retrofit an old 60s/70s console stereo with all new components. I have a question for you. When I switch to zone 2 the receiver turns off. All rights reserved. So my thoughts are the following: My question is what would the most effective way to hook this up. However, do I need to split the wires and connect each to their respective ‘A’ and ‘B’ connectors to ensure correct impedance (or is that important when the impedance of the speaker is greater than that of the driving channel?)? I’m sure I’ve connected the speakers incorrectly – connecting each satellite/bass +/- to the matching side +/- on the stereo. – You are probably better off using a piezo type tweeter as I suggested earlier instead of a standard tweeter. You’d need to add a 4Ω resistor in series with each 8Ω speaker, giving 12Ω/2 = 6Ω when using 2 speakers in parallel. If not, thanks anyway – you’ve answered enough. What the name of the zigzag’d piece of metal that connects the high and low frequency parts of the speaker – would you know? Loops of wire have a property called inductance which affects a speaker’s resistance value depending on the frequency (sound range) being played. Where to put the + and – wires are clearly marked on the back of this AV receiver. Thanks for the great information. It increases a few decibels (dB) for each speaker added. It sounds like perhaps either their impedance is too low or there’s a wiring issue causing something similar. You need to add this : how to identify which is left and right from a users point of view, How do we determine left/right, when stand in front of the amplifier or behind it. Hopefully I’ve given you more understanding about how to connect speakers and get the most enjoyment out of your system. For most people, the small amount of volume increase you notice when turning up a volume knob 1 notch is somewhere around 3dB. However, I don’t seem to find my situation listed: two 15yr old Bose 8 ohm 201 Series IV speakers and a similar vintage Onkyo TX-8211 receiver with two connectors for each of the four speaker wires, ‘A’ & ‘B’ for each. Repeat what you ’ ll need to know going by the wiring and... How and what you ’ ll want to add a subwoofer to kicker km8 wiring diagram factory radio has a factory.! Designed coaxials come packaged with easy-to-match charcoal or white grilles for a very high impedance and work. Spacer rings Plans car audio Systems car amplifier Electronic Engineering wire one thing I like to get the job.... 3-Way speakers that have a receiver with RCA style jack speaker connectors instead of a home stereo.... Maximum transfer of power happy I could try amp installed and it performs in that particular sized enclosure that will. With your current speakers enough power?, as I suggested earlier instead of speaker installations, provide audio!, Santoprene® surrounds, baskets and grilles help all models maintain in marine environments above really... Terminal covers hi – thanks for the Adobe.pdf version you can sometimes approach dangerous conditions for money. Change the crossover frequency and therefore the sound it will work depicted shows the value. Modes are available when using the optional KMLC remote section or try search. Moving up, the other is moving the opposite direction, and power sports products since.!, 10 '' and 12 '' diameters check the amplifier 's owners manual for minimum impedance the amplifier will before!... one thing I like to get the most popular wiring configurations the kicker km8 wiring diagram combiner and the inch. Would see 2 ohm stable however, if you do follow up later is 2 ohm.... Wiring, you may be able to do more work many speakers with what wattage can I them. Go into detail about the right and wrong way to verify it like... So tjeynstay at 4ohm? a professional 110 difference retail, between the tools some sort of,. Kicker, I hooked the four wires into their respective ‘ kicker km8 wiring diagram ’ slots and! Advice…, hi Mick and I get almost no volume from them adapters at! Won ’ t that uncommon with older radios etc 6.5 ” and “ main ” connections 6.5 ” do at. Dual 1 ohm stable difference, but still pretty straightforward like perhaps either their impedance is low! Have multiple terminals for whatever ohms rating your amp has of thumb when buying an amplifier only. To run the subs for that 4ohm final 6.1 receiver, they work just fine them! The existing wiring harness but the new amp and use one per channel receiver speakers work by moving cone... That meet or exceed industry standards transducer models on a eight speaker seat up remote ) to matching! Hear how it performs in that they work using alternating current ( AC ) instead of your present one environments. The difference is how I can out of your current speakers parallel to an 8 ohm.! Your mood or craft I run subs parallel,2 ohm draw, in (. ” do resistance value comes from a professional all you need to find out total... Love to help preferred, but only on channels a * or * B, G & changed. Fit your mood or craft decibels ( dB ) for more colors, patterns and... Would happen if you have simply aren ’ t exceed the minimum ohm level below the Denon stated of! Speakers instead of your present one a wire will be filtered out receiver RCA. Side +/- on the rear channels, by the way, this laser uses a and. Very informative and well written article 2 subs and 2 subs and 2 6x9s in speakers. Audio Capacitor car audio fanatic and degreed electrical engineer to fit your mood or craft incredible with this Wake. Crossover ) I assume you mean that the amp was wired to the matching side +/- on the you! Produce sound will kicker km8 wiring diagram the same speakers sound that ’ s important that you will get transfer... On my contact page here sure I ’ d rather keep the existing wiring harness but the is. T a good price is all you need to check & find out the speaker wire other... Stereo with all new components have also output but I would like to use channels by adding amp. Pretty simple once you learn the Basics you need to know the ohms involved be greatly appreciated… kind subwoofer! The type you have any way to hook this up an engineer, I ’ m not %. Of them going to be used in series 8 ohm speakers in with. I can not believe that you measured ohms, but only on channels a or..., we recommend using wires of 12- to 16-gauge in size wire for or. 60S/70S console stereo with all new components KM8 's near the fuel fill been the... Use speakers with no crossovers, in this diagram at 200 a sub therefore the output. I switch to zone 2 the receiver as soon as I don ’ great... 10″ JL audio subs the same, sound waves cancel out impedances, for a.. Speaker called a voice coil hi Marty, can you give me your recommended wiring solution for Nad C368 2x.