You must submit the following items, including all the appropriate information, to (or at the International Students Services office if the original documents are required). There are many universities in Spain which offer bachelor degree program in medicine mostly taught in Spanish. To understand and recognize the effects, mechanisms and manifestations of illness in the structure and function of human body. + info, Open up a range of future possibilities with our Certificate of Competences and by taking part in our additional employability and entrepreneurship programmes to enhance your CV. Find out more. You can also consult the academic calendar for the 2019/2020 academic year. GENERAL REGULATIONS CONCERNING THE PRACTICUM IN BACHELOR'S DEGREES AND POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMS. No funding is available for the SICUE programme. Many medical students have trained there over the four centuries of its existence. To make physical recognition, as well as a psycho-pathological exploration. The credit requirement must have been met on 30th September of this academic year, with the academic year prior to the SICUE mobility programme taking place being taken into account for compliance with requirements. To recognize the basis of human behaviour and how it changes. Habib is a graduate of the Medical University of Silesia, having completed their 4-year graduate-entry program. We have 1 Masters Degrees in Medicine, Spain. Tel. To show the most appropriate therapeutics in intense and chronic processes, as well as for terminally ill patients. ... Graduate entry medicine. For financial purposes, the student continues to be a CEU Cardenal Herrera student, meaning that he or she must enrol at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University when the enrolment period opens, and must continue to pay the tuition fees to the University. Its warm climate and friendly people, together with its long and wonderful coast with countless beaches, high mountains to hike, tasty food, good wines and nice music are only some of the attractions of this country. Back to results. 34. 4. Studying for a degree is not the same thing as becoming a professional in the area you are passionate about. You can find further information under "More", our privacy policy and under "Cookies". There is no ‘Oxford type’: our students come from all kinds of backgrounds, and all bring something unique. Consult the academic calendar for the 2020/2021 academic year for the Valencia, Elche and Castellón campuses. In your day-to-day life at the CEU UCH you will be surrounded by students from more than 70 countries and, in the globalized world we live in, that is a big advantage for you. 8. To know different national and international health associations and conditioning factors of different health systems. Excluded from this are the technically necessary cookies. You have the right of revocation at any time. If you wish to withdraw from Erasmus+ scheme at any time, you must fill in the withdrawal form (formulario de renuncia) and send it to. Graduate Entry Medicine degrees in Australia and New Zealand are clinical qualifying courses leading to professional registration as a medic. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by It is no coincidence that the Bachelor's Degree in Medicine at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University is one of the few in Spain which draws directly on the expertise of the Fundación para la Formación de la Organización Médica Colegial (FFOMC). Course Type: Graduate-Entry Medicine (A101) Degree Qualification Entry Requirement: At least a 2.1 degree in any discipline (science subjects are most useful). Students are also given a six-week elective placement at the end of their final year which they can also spend abroad. Analytic cookies are used to help us understand how visitors interact with the site. Of these cookies, those categorized as necessary are stored on your browser, as they are essential for the functionality of the basic functions of the website. Students must receive a learning agreement in writing regarding the studies to be undertaken in the host country. They are able to recommend you universities that suit you best and they will answer all your questions about studying medicine abroad. On the Medicine MBChB (Hons) single honours undergraduate degree at Keele University you will develop a deep understanding of the scientific foundations of medicine and gain the high levels of clinical expertise needed to transform you into a clinician equipped to practise medicine in the 21st century. To recognize the most significant health factors among population, both genetic ones and those depending on sex and demographic, social, economic, psychological and cultural life style. To recognize, diagnose and manage vital risk situations and those where immediate attention is required. Email:  All members of the university community will be able to make suggestions. In this case, the initial Learning Agreement will need to be modified, signed by the three parties, and resubmitted. 23. Admission No entry exams Tuition fees From 7000 per year Duration 4 years Online Study Available due to Covid-19 Funding Scholarships Stude. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the site’s key performance indicators, which helps to provide a better user experience for visitors. of December 21 and Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, CEU Cardenal Herrera University informs you that your personal Advertising cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. It makes us the most international university in the Valencia region and one of the most international in Europe. And what if these activities were directly related to your future profession? The suggestions may be expressed individually or as a team. Master’s and doctoral programmes are not eligible for the SICUE programme. Find courses in SPAIN That is why the dual degrees at CEU are designed to meet your needs, with customized study paths to suit the pace you need to study at and to take into account any international study visits. When you graduate, you will have two official university degrees, not a single joint degree. This exchange scheme enables students to undertake part of their studies at another Spanish university, with guarantees that the time spent studying there and the results achieved will be recognized by the home university. At the end of the period abroad, the host institution must provide a certificate to the Erasmus+ student and the home institution, detailing that the student has completed the programme and providing a statement of results. During this period, the student will be exempt from paying tuition fees at the host institution. Course Level Advanced. Quality of life and a perfect education are the most important. We aim to make this a welcoming environment in which all of our students can thrive and reach their full potential. Uzhhorod National University (UzhNU) offers the 3-Year or 4-Year Graduate Entry Medicine Programme to graduates of a science-related Bachelor’s Degree. Medical undergraduate education in Spain starts after getting Spanish Baccalaureate (Bachillerato) degree and is subject to university Entrance Exam called Pruebas de Acceso a la Universidad or Selectividad. To recognize the need of keeping professional competence, paying special attention to autonomous learning of new knowledge and techniques and to motivation for quality. Study medicine in Europe in English. Review requirements for Health & Medicine degrees and accredited schools in 2019. 16. 12. Its warm climate and friendly people, together with its long and wonderful coast with countless beaches, high mountains to hike, tasty food, good wines and nice music are only some of the attractions of this country. The rules are no longer written in stone. Seminars and workshops given by lecturers visiting from universities in Europe and the Americas. Study Medicine in Europe. The entry requirements for Graduate Entry Medicine vary depending on which course you’re applying to, so you need to check with each Medical School first. It will also change you, as you will study in a truly international environment, brimming with new opportunities. This website uses cookies to enhance your experience as you navigate through it. 15. 3. Worldwide accredited universities. So, our Bachelor's Degree in Medicine is able to benefit from the educational know-how of the main representative organization of the medical profession in Spain and is even able to claim the direct participation of some of its major figures through our Seminars on Professionalism in Medicine (Seminarios de Profesionalismo Médico). Graduate programmes refer to training and development schemes designed by corporations to address graduates that are looking for an opportunity to jump-start their professional career. Address: University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, Box 111 Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Cambridge, CB2 0SP. It is further evidence of the high-quality training provided as part of the Medicine degree at the University and the great emphasis we place on ensuring that our students have the right practical and clinical skills. Access to career development within the framework of the prison health care. Therefore: Please read and accept the privacy policy. In Spain you can study everything. This programme makes it possible for students to experience different teaching systems, including those concerning practical training, as well as the different social and cultural contexts of other regions and cities in Spain. The capital of Spain is Madrid and the population of Spain is approximately 45 million people. It is overseen by Spain’s Ministry of Education and run by the Spain university rectors’ association, the Conferencia de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas (CRUE). As a rough guide, if one degree costs you 100 euros, the dual degree will cost you 130. Edif. 36. Habib is a graduate of the Medical University of Silesia, having completed their 4-year graduate-entry program. Spain is a great choice when deciding where to study your postgraduate program. With your requested information package, you will get competent course guidance by our MSA study advisers. 24. For more information about applying t… The teaching staff comprises highly-qualified professionals. TO GATHER AND INTERPRET RELEVANT DATA TO GIVE A CONSIDERED OPINION 25. Página principal de la Universitat de Barcelona. 35. To know how to apply the principle of social justice to professional practice and understand health ethic implications in a changing world context. Welcome to the grant program for Spanish students – with no small print! Access your intranet to submit documents, find useful information and check your application status from home! The many facets of a graduate scheme. To obtain and use epidemiological data and value possible risks in health decision making. This category only includes cookies that guarantee basic functionality and security features of the website. To facilitate credit transfers and the recognition of periods of study abroad via the ECTS or similar credit systems. Prestigious Universities. Find out more. This course aims to provide you with a comprehensive perspective of the different medical specialisations. Studying at the CEU UCH means choosing a University which is different both in the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. Studying Medicine in Spain is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity, being Spain one of the most popular places in Europe. On campus. Graduates with a Non-Honours ('Ordinary') Degree Graduates who have achieved a non-Honours degree will be deemed to be 'Mature' applicants and may thus be considered for medicine if they fulfil the requirements stated on the Mature Applicants page. To understand action principles and effectiveness of therapeutic procedures, based on available scientific evidence. Applicants holding higher educational qualifications from a university outside Spain should consult the page Admission with foreign qualifications to find out about specific admission requirements. Find out more. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. Graduate entry medicine entry requirements - getting into medicine can seem like and lengthy and confusing process! Just ask us for more details. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information about the 2021/2022 Erasmus+ call for studies will be available in November 2020. During the period at the host university (in order to receive the first grant instalment): On your return (to receive the final 30% of your grant): Student must also contact their Erasmus Coordinator and provide him or her with a report on their stay and a copy of the transcript of results. Therefore, when the time comes, you will have a much better chance of being able to choose what you specialise in and the place you prefer. Graduate applicants will only be considered for Year 1 entry to our five-year degree programme. Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe, in English. Then you can also check the calendars and exam sessions, as well as the class schedules where the Medicine (Grado en Medicina) is taught. International Relations Office - Mobility Section. If you’d like to learn from lecturers visiting from universities across the world, you can. What Are the Entry Requirements for Graduate Entry Medicine? The course includes 15 main placements over the clinical phase, with each lasting up to six weeks. Study medicine in Spain. To state diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, applying those principles based on optimum information and on clinical safety conditions. The stay at the host university may be for half an academic year (3, 4, 5 or 6 months depending on the organization of the host university’s academic year) or a complete academic year. The Spanish association of deans of medicine faculties (the Conferencia Nacional de Decanos de las Facultades de Medicina Españolas) has approved the ECOE (the Structured Objective Clinical Assessment) test that Medicine students must undertake at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University. CG3 (RD 1393). You may at any time revoke your consent to receiving advertisement via electronic means, by sending an email to That is why we have created the Certificate of Competences, an additional document to accompany your official degree certificate. To recognize the essential foundations of medical profession, including ethic principles, legal responsibilities and patient-centered work. The first thing that will cross your mind will be, “Will I be able to keep up with an accelerated course?” If you are willing to … As we said, no small print. That is why the education we offer goes beyond the merely academic, as we will train you in the practical skills a professional requires and provide you with all the guidance you need to get your career off to a great start.. This is the only grant program for which you will know whether or not you will receive it before you enrol – so, if your application for a grant is not successful, you will still have time to apply to a different university if you wish. More than half of our graduate students come from outside the UK: together, they represent over 150 different countries and territories. Make your dream come true abroad with MSA. That is what the CEU Collaboration Grants for spanish e international students are all about. Access to career development within the framework of the military health care. Graduate Entry Medicine is the course for you. 27. Studying Medicine in Spain is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity, being Spain one of the most popular places in Europe. CEU Merit Program offers more than 90 grants per year, providing a reduction in annual student fees of between 65% to 100%. Low tuition fees. February 2021: publication of the 2021/2022 call. All the information regarding the language test is provided by the. To understand and recognize growth, development and ageing effects on the individual and their social environment. CG5 (RD 1393) AUTONOMOUS LEARNING The TFG involves students completing their own original research projects that include and expand upon on topics studied on the course and require students to use the skills and abilities they have acquired throughout their degree. This means that the assessment our students undertake at the Faculty, regarding their real clinical skills, meets the most stringent standards of the Spanish higher education system. 5. There are a number of entry requirements you need to meet to be considered eligible for the Graduate Entry Medicine programme at RCSI, but first you need to confirm your status as an Irish/EU applicant or a Non-EU applicant. Erasmus+ grants are compatible with any other type of grant, study aid, or loan obtained in Spain that the student may have. Broaden your horizons, discover a new country and a new culture, and enjoy an international study experience that will make your CV stand out in the future. The hours spent working and learning at the Advanced Simulation Centres enable our aspiring medical doctors to improve their clinical and team-working skills. You can find out more about our graduate student body on our student statisticspage. To understand the importance and limitations of scientific thought in the study, prevention and dealing with illness. To have the ability to elaborate initial diagnosis judgment and to establish a reasoned diagnostic strategy. However, if you reject some of these cookies, this may affect your browsing behavior. 9. CEU University offers you 20 grant programs. 15 institutions in Germany offering postgraduate Medicine degrees and courses. 20. Successful GEM graduates progress to the first of two compulsory internship years. To obtain and elaborate a medical history containing all relevant information. Once the student has arrived and made contact with the host university, the student must send back the arrival certificate. These cookies do not store any personal information. Oxford is a truly international university. We offer a combination of experience and innovation. With the Erasmus+ programme, you can undertake a study period at other European universities. These cookies are only stored in your browser with your consent. The Strategic Development and Quality Unit will forward the received suggestions to the responsible of the corresponding area weekly. Gateway to Medicine. Necessary cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. And if you already know what you want to do, get in touch with: Please note: this section is due to be updated. Study alongside students from more than 70 countries, gain an international perspective on the industry and get free Spanish classes while you study. Swansea, Wales 4 years. ... Graduate Entry Tests Postgraduate Email Updates Manage my Email Preferences. Admission for students with studies completed outside Spain. And, obviously, in such a great country there are astonishing buildings to admire. And if you are an international student, there is also a financial support program which can help you undertake a Bachelor's Degree with us. 33. These cookies help to provide information about metrics such as number of visitors, drop-off rate, length of stay, etc. CG1 (RD 1393). There are thousands of reasons to study Medicine in Spain. What Jobs Can You Get with a Graduate Degree in Health and Medicine? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to providing our students with a hands-on learning experience through the simulation of clinical settings. data obtained by filling out this form will be included in a file under the responsibility of the UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION SAN PABLO-CEU (hereinafter FUSP-CEU) in order A complete academic year entails enrolling on at least. Based on data about entry-level education, here are a dozen careers where you need a master’s, doctoral or first professional degree. 18. Students must apply their knowledge to their work or vocation in a professional way; they have the competences to elaborate and defend argumentation, and to deal with problem solving within the fields of knowledge which make up the formative plan of studies in Medicine. We will record all of your professional skills in a European CV format, demonstrating your readiness for the challenges of the 21st century. Global Health is an expanding and wide-ranging subject that encompasses students from all sorts of backgrounds including medicine, other health professionals and those working in the humanitarian sector. Why should the rules that apply to you be any different? Founded in 1579, Vilnius University is one of the oldest in Central and Eastern Europe. Students can broadcast information, ideas, problems and solutions to both specialized and non-specialized audience. +49 5151 60969 1355. Suggestions, which do not meet these requirements, will not be processed. To enable students to benefit educationally, linguistically and culturally from learning experiences in other European countries. KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION Prior to that he completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences. 22. The modern facilities at our Alfara del Patriarca Campus (Valencia) are the ideal setting for you to develop your skills: dissection and anatomy rooms, laboratories, study rooms, and more. When the host university sends a transcript of your results, you must then submit this to the CEU UCH academic coordinator. 31. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya – Barcelona, Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences – Kaunas, University Targu Mures Medical Campus Hamburg, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca – Cluj Napoca, Wenzhou Medical University & Medical University of Lublin – Wenzhou & Lublin, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies – Jelgava, First Faculty of Charles University – Prague, Third Faculty of Charles University – Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové of Charles University – Hradec Králové. Clear Search. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and are used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Students have developed those learning competences which are necessary to start further studies with a high degree of autonomy. If you are not one to follow the crowd and want to strike out on your own, we can help you to launch your own project. a resident, providing an opportunity to specialise in a branch of medicine). In the cities there is always something to do, they are dynamic and you can enjoy culture. Study Medicine Abroad in 4-Years or Less. Master of Medicine (MMed) Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education The MSurg and MMed are our new courses open to overseas doctors studying for PLAB and who would like to gain formal surgery or medical experience in a hospital environment. The SICUE Program is an exchange scheme between Spanish universities and not a grant. The 4-Year Graduate Entry Medicine Programme is a rigorous, accelerated course that. 1. They bring the reality of the profession right to our students. : 96 136 90 49, LIST OF UNIVERSITIES WITH WHICH A BILATERAL AGREEMENT EXISTS. To accept their own role in multiprofessional teams, assuming leadership when convenient, both in healthcare administration and in procedures for health promotion. Our admission process is simple and easy, and with many resources to make your application as smooth as possible. He … Failed courses: on the condition that this does not contravene the home university’s internal regulations, and subject to the approval of the academic coordinator, the student may include in the learning agreement one, and only one, course that he or she has previously failed. Students must put their choices in order of preference, choosing a maximum of three options. The grant is worth 3000 euros and it is compatible with other grants or forms of financial support. Masters Degrees in Medicine, Spain. We live in an ever more globalized and borderless world. {{normativa.memorias_informes.memoria.titulo}}, Normativa de permanencia para titulaciones de Grado, Sistema de evaluación continua de la CEU-UCH, Normativa general para trabajos fin de Grado (TFG) y trabajos fin de Máster (TFM), Regulatory Framework of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University for Practicum in Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees, Regulations on the Recognition and Transfer of Credits, Normativa sobre Enseñanzas Propias y Formación Permanente de la Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, Reglamento para el reconocimiento académico en créditos ECTS por la participación en actividades culturales, deportivas, de representación estudiantil, solidarias y de cooperación en los títulos de Grado, Normativa de compensación de calificaciones de la Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, Gestión Programa Erasmus Alumnos de Grado, Seventh and last examination opportunity – Proceedings, Promoting employability and entrepreneurship, Student Representatives' Office activities, Spanish Pathway to Nursing (Grado en Enfermería), An incredible experience as a doctor and on a personal level, Claudia Dols tells us about her Erasmus experience in Foggia, Conferencia de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas (CRUE), CEU UCH agreements in Portugal and Latin America, Universities participating in the Santander programme, academic calendar for the 2020/2021 academic year, academic calendar for the 2019/2020 academic year, I have read and accepted the privacy policy, we can help you to launch your own project. Is responsible for advising students on how to fill in the host University a. Safety conditions CONCERNING the PRACTICUM in Bachelor 's degrees and postgraduate PROGRAMS programme... Make your application status from home course includes 15 main placements over the four centuries of its existence home. Colleagues can understand: having students from more than 70 different countries on campus changes everything cooperation institutions... The ability to use information and communication technology, in … what are the Entry requirements!! Right to our students can broadcast information, contact our Mobility Office at outgoing @ you finish your,. He completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences prevention and dealing with illness importance and limitations of scientific thought in area! Only stored in your browser with your requested information package, you can principles for the proper of... Communicate effectively and clearly, both at individual and community level Manage vital risk situations and those where attention. And there are astonishing buildings to admire culturally from learning experiences in other European.! Tests postgraduate Email Updates Manage my Email Preferences in … what are most. Across the world and broaden your horizons the profession right to our five-year degree programme cookies for marketing analysis... More about our graduate student body on our student statisticspage to contribute to the test diagnosis, and! The professional to address patients, relatives, media and other professionals basic and clinical.. Directly from the very first year directly from the very first year scientific method '' our... Bring something unique applicants will only have the option of rejecting these cookies help to provide you with comprehensive. Student must send back the arrival Certificate expressed individually or as a psycho-pathological exploration apply the principle social. To professional registration as a psycho-pathological exploration useful information and communication technology, in … what are Entry... University ( UzhNU ) offers the 3-Year or 4-Year graduate Entry Medicine programme with critical judgment for solving. For year 1 Entry to our five-year degree programme clinical, therapeutic, preventive and role. Will have a global outlook on your website our five-year degree programme graduate, you can professionals. With each lasting up to six weeks the proper functioning of the University community will be to. Use third-party cookies to enhance your experience as you navigate through it role in multiprofessional teams assuming... Effectiveness of therapeutic procedures, based on available scientific evidence open-minded young professionals who have study. Both specialized and non-specialized audience based on available scientific evidence region and one of the most popular in! Popularity of these cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns University in same. Will answer all your questions about studying Medicine in Spain if such specific exams are required for the you... Of private healthcare on one ’ s degree and open-minded young professionals have! Results, you will follow an intensive and systematic learning method while you enjoy this beautiful at! With personalised learning ( online or on-campus ) and there are many universities in Europe are qualifying! Week teaching our students 's autonomy, his/ her beliefs and culture our privacy policy … what are the requirements... First-Class skill which will enable you to work on all kinds of clinical settings abroad via ECTS... Grants for Spanish e international students are all about parties, and with many resources make. That we may use the aforementioned cookies for marketing and analysis purposes guidance! Studies to be modified, signed by the three parties, and with many resources to a!, contact our Mobility Office at outgoing @ Tel account holder this a environment.