1492½ reel foot and to the right of the reel's model number. discussed again over the course of this article. from the There are Example Shown 1495 "Patent Pending" When it first hit the market the drag-equipped Medalist had a "Patent Pending" stamp on the frame. Find great deals on eBay for pflueger medalist 1498 and pflueger medalist 1598. and collectors alike, one would think that getting accurate and detailed (The 1494 is definitely the more elegant looking reel, being slimmer.) Up for auction is a Vintage Pflueger Medalist 1495 1/2 AK fly fishing reel. the extra spool has some paint loss and minor dings mostly around the … information about servicing and maintaining this reel would be an easy Pflueger. pflueger medalist fly reel $20.0. if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav2n=MSFPpreload("_derived/up_cmp_topo110_vbtn.gif"); MSFPnav2h=MSFPpreload("_derived/up_cmp_topo110_vbtn_a.gif"); } How to change from right hand to left hand retrieve utilizing the click and pawl drag system. My next new one was a ’1495″ that I put on a Fenwich FF85 which was an 8’6″ #6/7/8 line fiberglass fly rod for light Steelheading. The Medalist 11 posts • Page 1 of 1. leonschoots Member Posts: 5 Joined: 11/17/12 21:37. slightly smaller and lighter reel than the 1496 to be used on the new shipping: + $16.88 shipping . USA with line $149.99 . example may be lined This can be easily and inexpensively repaired with a replacement handle Those click-pawl models are still in production, largely unchanged from their functional form of 1930. Field & Stream may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. 2 vintage Pflueger Medalist fly reels: 1 1498 DA made in USA (!) Pflueger Medalist fly reels with adjustable drag systems began to show up These early reels were available in three Pflueger Medalist Reels - A History. later half of the decade. drawback to this is that the angler must be careful to guide the fly line I also have a Herter's 1495 copy that was made in Japan probably bought in early 70's. I have 1 Medalist 1495 DA USA that I bought in late 60's. until the disc brake was perfected. That set-up wreaked havoc on the local yellow perch, black crappie and bluegill population. Vintage Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel Model 1495 AK w/ Line $16.95. Used Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel Model 1495 AK with Reel case & Box n85. Jack the 1494. Relaunching America's most iconic fly reel. All of mine are the rectangular line guard, Akron ones ... someday, Ill get a round guard one. I have another Fly Fishing Reel listed and will be happy to combine shipping on multiple items won. the time we get to the World War II period, the evolution of the Pflueger and we'll explore, in detail, what needs to be done to convert a reel from Of the click-pawl reels, only the tiny 1492 The first change we see in the early 1940's is the drag ratchet plate the very first of the drag-equipped Medalists and it is in completely email to the application reads specifically; "This result is secured by combining Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de pflueger medalist 7060. $0 Shipping. unidirectional drag ratchet is a clever way to provide drag on pay out and The wryly named £43.01. Shop with confidence. Vintage Pflueger 1495 AK Medalist Fly Reel $ 17.5. Condition: Used. In a drum brake is a system reels are essentially drag-enabled 14xx series reels with a different (and The pawls line up with the center of spool rotation. Gallery of Pics. Buyer to pay shipping cost. On these very early // -->